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Listener. Supporter. Partner.

„Advice is the transfer of experience.“

Wilfried Duesing

„Tradition is not the preservation of the ashes, but the passing on of the embers.“

Jens Jensen

„Numbers are only the product of our activity.“

Ralf Koch

Tax Advisors. Auditors. Lawyers.

Our task is to bring people and numbers into harmony so that ideas become beneficial reality.

Individual Concepts for stability, growth And success

Holistic advice means specialized, personal advice with sustainable, efficient and tailored design spaces. Good advice is based on the transfer of experience, on forward-looking and economical planning and, above alle, on finding the best possible solution for each client.

Auditing means more than the legally required Opinion on the annual Financial Statements

Objective, professional and efficient audit-services are our priority. Our auditors offer the opportunity to involve you to the determination of your companies’ audit-scope. This approach enables us, to identify and analyses development needs with more intense.

Legally sound advice

Consulting for small and medium-sized businesses is becoming increasingly legalistic. In addition to representation in tax litigation, MIZ lawyers provide support in consulting assignments in the areas of succession and corporate transactions (M&A). As criminal defense attorneys, we represent you in criminal tax and white-collar criminal law.

Active Support in Corporate Management

We support the development of structures for control and management. Together we plan their development of your company and support you in achieving the set goals. Our management consultants take over responsibility as interim managers and provide support in recruiting personnel.


Focus Money: Top Steuerberater

Handelsblatt: Beste Steuerberater und Beste Wirtschaftsprüfer

Datev eG: Digitale Kanzlei

Social responsibility

In 2006, the association „Wir helfen Kindern e.V.“ was founded in Essen-Kettwig. The aim of this association is to support children and families in need. Many projects in the region benefit from this. We are very happy about donations and thank you in the name of the children. Read more Wilfried Duesing and Jens Jensen from the consulting group MENSCHEN.IDEEN. ZAHLEN. form the board of the association. All donations from various events during the year are collected and given to selected projects and institutions, which we would like to introduce to you in the following:

Network and memberships

Michael Raulf

Kooperationspartner der Kreishandwerkerschaften der Region

Förderturm - Ideen für Essener Kinder e.V.

Unternehmerverband Ratingen e.V.l

Business Partner Club


Our Team

We have come together to provide a comprehensive, competent service in the areas of tax consulting, auditing, legal advice and business management consulting.


Ideas for your success

With our expertise, we develop ideas that we further develop and implement together with you. Tax consultants, auditors and lawyers work hand in hand so that we can bring certainty to your decisions.


WE in numbers


History of the firm

Merger of the founding fathers Wilfried Duesing and Ewald Vielhaus



2x Essen, 1x Oberhausen, 1x Ratingen



are available with their specialist knowledge.



take care of your concerns


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At home on the Rhine and Ruhr

In the Ruhr region at the Essen, Essen-Mitte and Oberhausen sites and in the Rhineland at the Ratingen site. Our specialists offer you the complete range of services of our consulting group at all locations.

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Angelina Unkel
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